Sterility Test Isolator

Production of Medical Treatments in a Sterile Environment

Pharmacology requires sterility testing to verify the effectiveness of a manufacturing process for pharmaceutical products to determine their acceptability.

The tests for validation and sterilization of products must be secured in order to avoid and limit false results. EREA offers you a customized sterility test isolator.


Customized Technical Solution

Static and Dynamic protection

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Easy Surface Cleaning

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Sterility Test Isolators

The use of an isolator is recommended to control the quality of sterility tests. Performed within the equipment, the test and the control take place in an aseptic environment. Any source of external contamination would be immediately detected, ensuring the efficiency and integrity of the process.

Equipped with ULPA or HEPA filters to promote airflow, the isolator is manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards. EREA meets the stringent demands of GMP recommendations and the strict sealing criteria of ISO 14644-7. In all cases, the protection of the environment and the operators is guaranteed.

The sterility isolator meets the strict requirements of pharmacology. Thanks to this equipment, you limit the risks of false positive or false negative results, which are costs for your company and a delay for the product’s authorization to be sold.

EREA, Manufacturer of Custom-made Isolators

Our solutions allow you to perform sterility tests of your pharmaceutical products in excellent conditions. With a high level of sterility and safety, our isolators guarantee reliable results. Our technical teams are at your disposal to meet your needs for complex or large products or devices.

EREA is a specialist in containment solutions. We have developed a range of customized solutions to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our isolators can be laminar flow or turbulent flow for your sterile processes and tests. We have also developed a range dedicated to the handling of toxic or cytotoxic products

All these solutions are the result of research and innovation by our team of experts to best meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

EREA, Your Expert Partner

EREA is the specialist in solutions for controlled environments. We offer efficient and innovative sterility testing isolators. Our products comply with the requirements of current regulations.

In order to provide you with customized isotechnical solutions, EREA has a 2,500 m2 workshop, an ultra-specialized team, and software for aeraulic simulations and 3D visualization. We have also set up a clean room to carry out full-scale ergonomic tests.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to offer you a complete range of isolators, but also safety cabinets and laminar flow systems. We offer you all the equipment that requires ultra-clean air conditioning.

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Our Isotechnical Products

Feasible adaptations, reliable sterile processes and tests, safe and fast handling: Erea has 30 years of experience at your service.

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EREA is a globally recognized leader in providing state-of-the-art isolator and cleanroom air flow solutions tailored to the specific needs of pharmaceutical, biotech, as well as cosmetic industries, all compliant with Annex 1 of GMP.

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