Glove Integrity – Leakage Tester for Gloveboxes and Isolators

Glove Integrity - Leakage Tester for Gloveboxes and Isolators

In controlled environments, such as laboratories and the pharmaceutical or bio-technology industries, protecting staff and preserving the integrity of samples should never be taken lightly. All kinds of equipment dedicated to this purpose are used, including gloves.

To ensure the reliability of gloves in these environments, integrity/tightness testers are often used. How does a glove integrity/tightness tester work, and what is it really used for? Find out in the following paragraphs.


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How do Glove Integrity Testers Work?

The glove integrity / leak tester is designed to detect potential leaks in gloves used in controlled environments. It works by creating a pressurised or vacuum environment around each glove under test, and then monitoring pressure changes to identify any pressure loss that might indicate a leak. Some models also use specific methods, such as particle detection, to detect leaks even more accurately. In any case, the tests carried out ensure that the gloves provide adequate protection against contaminants and maintain the integrity of the controlled environment.

Glove Integrity/Tightness Tester: What is the Point?

Glove integrity testers offer a number of interesting advantages in controlled environments. Firstly, they guarantee compliance with current safety and quality standards, by ensuring that the gloves used offer optimum protection against various contaminants. This equipment also helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and preserve the quality of the samples handled. What’s more, these famous testers make it possible to detect any leaks quickly and take corrective action. Staff safety and product quality are thus guaranteed.

EREA: Your Partner for Reliable, Efficient Testers

Are you looking for a supplier of glove integrity/leakage testers? EREA is recognised as a specialist in the field of control and safety equipment for various controlled environments. We offer a complete range of glove integrity testers, specially designed to meet the needs of each application. Drawing on our expertise and experience in the sector, we provide you with innovative and reliable solutions to ensure safety and quality in the environments in question. In addition, we provide comprehensive technical support and maintenance services to ensure the optimum performance of our equipment throughout its lifecycle.

In short, the glove integrity/leakage tester remains indispensable in preserving safety and quality in the various controlled environments. Thanks to its ability to detect leaks and ensure compliance with safety standards, this equipment is able to guarantee adequate protection for personnel and the various samples handled. By working with specialist companies like EREA, who offer customised and reliable solutions, you can be sure that your testers will meet your specific needs and help maintain a safe and efficient working environment within your business.

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