Custom-made Laboratory Fume Hood

Custom-made Laboratory Fume Hood

In the special environment of a laboratory, every detail counts. The laboratory fume hood is no exception to this rule. As a partner in every experiment, it must be efficient, reliable and perfectly adapted to your needs. Tailor-made laboratory hoods meet these requirements.

They optimise your working conditions while complying with safety standards. Find out how to choose your custom-made laboratory fume hood, taking into account the various essential criteria such as laminar flow, filter and filtration, and many other technical aspects.


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The Judicious Choice of a Made-to-measure Laboratory Fume Hood

Choosing a laboratory fume hood should not be done lightly. It’s a piece of equipment that plays a central role in your day-to-day work. A made-to-measure laboratory fume hood is a solution that allows you to have a tool that is perfectly adapted to your specific needs and environment. Every laboratory has its own constraints and specific features. So it’s vital to choose a fume hood that meets your exact requirements. Whether it’s the laminar flow, the filtration system, the choice of outlet, or the white-diameter outlet, every detail counts.

Laminar Flow: an Essential Selection Criterion

Laminar flow is a crucial aspect in the choice of your laboratory fume hood. It protects your samples from contamination and the operator from exposure to potentially hazardous substances. The choice of laminar flow hood depends on your specific needs. There are different types of laminar flow hood: horizontal or vertical, depending on whether you want to protect the sample or the operator. This is a technical detail that absolutely must be taken into account when configuring your custom fume hood.

Filtration: a Key Safety Feature

Filtration is another essential element of a laboratory fume hood. The choice of filter and filtration system depends on the nature of the products and substances you are working with. There are different types of filter, adapted to specific chemical or biological environments. The choice of filter and filtration system is therefore crucial to ensuring the safety of your laboratory. Your supplier should be able to advise you on which filtration system is best suited to your needs.

Investing in a custom-made laboratory fume hood is a wise choice for any laboratory concerned about the quality of its experiments and the safety of its operators. By taking into account technical criteria such as laminar flow and filtration, you can ensure that you have a high-performance tool that is perfectly suited to your needs. Don’t forget to consult a professional who will be able to advise you and support you in your choice. By choosing precision and safety, you are helping to create an optimum working environment for your laboratory.

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