Air Filtration in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Air Filtration in the Pharmaceutical Industry

To ensure patient safety, the pharmaceutical industry must guarantee the quality and safety of its products. For these products to be of high quality and effective, production must take place in an environment where the air is pure and free from contaminants. At the same time, this ensures the health of employees working in high-risk premises.

Air quality in production and storage areas must comply with the requirements of current standards, particularly in terms of filtration, sterilisation and air monitoring. This requires the use of an air filtration solution in the pharmaceutical industry, such as those designed, manufactured and marketed by EREA.


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Importance of Air Filtration in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Air filtration in the pharmaceutical industry presents a number of challenges.

Contamination Management

Current standards and regulations require the maintenance of a clean, contaminant-free environment in the pharmaceutical industry. The aim is to prevent micro-organisms, particles and other contaminants from impairing product quality. The aim of deploying the air treatment system is to eliminate these contaminants and guarantee a clean environment.

Patient and Employee Safety

The pharmaceutical industry needs to protect its products from contaminants in order to maintain their quality, guarantee their efficacy and ensure the safety of patients using them. Air treatment also aims to optimise worker safety during high-risk processes. The solution creates a safe working environment.

Bringing Products into Line with Standards

The standards and regulations governing the pharmaceutical sector are very demanding in terms of product quality and safety. Air handling systems must be deployed. Their characteristics must comply with the requirements of the regulatory authorities. Failure to comply may result in penalties, which will tarnish the company’s image. Hence the importance of air filtration in the pharmaceutical industry.

Optimising Company Productivity

The integration of air treatment solutions optimises the pharmaceutical company’s productivity, since the work area is kept permanently protected from contaminants. Since operators are also protected, they can work efficiently and guarantee product quality.

Air filtration techniques used in the pharmaceutical industry

To maintain the quality and safety of their products, as well as to protect workers, the pharmaceutical industry has a number of air treatment systems at its disposal. To eliminate micro-organisms in the working environment, UV radiation sterilisation techniques are widely used. This involves using ultraviolet rays to destroy micro-organisms. There are also heat treatment systems. This technique involves raising the temperature of the air to eliminate any micro-organisms present.

Pharmaceutical isolators have also become increasingly popular in recent years. This equipment effectively isolates pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, protecting products from external contamination and preventing cross-contamination.

Adapting solutions to the new requirements of the pharmaceutical industry with EREA

To ensure that your pharmaceutical manufacturing processes meet the requirements of current standards and regulations, you can rely on EREA. We design and manufacture high-performance isolators for a variety of pharmaceutical processes. They enable you to isolate your sterile or high-risk processes in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standards and regulations. They are particularly useful for the manufacture of sterile drugs and biological products. By integrating isolators into your pharmaceutical business, you can ensure that your products comply with the most stringent standards in terms of drug quality and efficacy.

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