The EREA company provides maintenance of your air movement equipment through a dedicated team of technicians at your service

Preventive/curative maintenance aeraulic equipments:
■ Change of filters, fans, sensors
■ Regulation of velocity and air flow
■ Supply of spare parts

Changes - Re-qualification:
■ To make equipments conform  to standards
Changes or converting of working station
■ Transfer of equipments
■ Accompanying the Qualification Process
■ Qualification protocol writing
Test realization


MesuresThe controls are used to ensure the maintenance of the classification of facilities and equipment according to standardized test methods (ISO 14644)

■ Particle counts
■ Measurement of speed and air flow rates
■ Differential pressure measurement
■ Measuring temperature and hygrometry
■ Filter integrity testing (Emery 3004)
■ Visualization of air flow (smoke test)
■ Dust classes
■ Mapping of air speeds
■ flows, mixing rate, turnover rate
■ Sound levels