Protects the operator and the products during handling of toxics, cytotoxics and sterile

Glove boxes:
■ Containement in negative pressure by a ventillation filtered in open loop
■ Considerable tightness class 2
■ HEPA double filtration
■ Regulation of negative pressure

Flux laminaire Protects the operations of products in a clean and sterile environment

A class ISO 5 laminar air flow maintains an overpressure in the protected area and improve the air quality in the surrounding area.

Thus, during the packaging and filling operations, the  airborne particles are eliminated.


Enables the containment of sterile but non toxic operations

A class ISO 5 laminar airflow maintains a positive pressure in the protected area and improves the air quality in the surrounding area.


Sampling and weighing boothsProtects the environment, the products and the operator during sampling or weighing

This station insures the integrity of the products, the protection of the operators and prevents cross contamination.

The sampling or weighing area are protected by an ISO 5 vertical laminar airflow.


Safety cabinets

Protects the operator, the produts and the environment
during handling of hazardous or nanoparticles

An air flow opposite to the operator captures the aerosols emitted during the manipulation.

A front vertical air flow protects the operator’s respiratory system.



Transfer cartsThis trolley is used for the storage and the transfer of products sensitive to air biocontamination

A laminar airflow class ISO 5 sweeps the storage area and creates a positive pressure that isolates the loading; the cart thus transits in the class B or C zones and confines the loading of products or materials stocked on trays or in baskets.