To answer one of our customer’s request, EREA suggested the supply and installation of a Vertical Laminar Flow for the protection of a brand thermoforming machine.

That LVF will ensure the protection of the product to start with, but with the main objective to protect:
– The area by a vertical unidirectional flow with recycling, class ISO 5 at rest,
– The products by a vertical sweep of ultra-clean air (HEPA H14 filtration) and by a “piston effect” pressing particles to the ground.

That Vertical Laminar Flow comes with an air return plenum (with pre-filters and fans), a supply plenum, rigid PETG panels, a tricolor glass case with buzzer and a LED lighting.
The FAT of that equipment will done very soon!

As a reminder: EREA is a FRENCH company that designs and manufactures isolators, RABS and laminar flow equipment.

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