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Assembly complete !


Today we are pleased to share with you the final outline of our intervention in Turkey.


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DAY 5 & 6


The side panels and the security barriers are now installed on the RABS.


 The sterile room regains its usual appearance


The mechanical installation is now ended. We are going to concentrate on all the entrances / exits and to repeat every test which we realized in FAT

3 peoples and 7 busy days have been necessary to assure the reassembly of our installation.


 LED lightings have been restored


You can follow our progress from the publication of the next article.

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The assembly of the RABS is in progress ! 15 days are necessary for his finalization.

We proceed to the implementation of the ventilation boxes which will cover the filling machine and the RABS.



The next step will consist in the installation of the side panels and the security barriers.



The work progress quickly thanks to the effort of our team.

A team made of 3 people among which Moussa, our team leader, leads the operation.



You can follow our progress from the publication of the next article.

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EREA CLEAN AIR SYSTEMS has the pleasure to share with you, the progress of a project with a Turkish Pharmaceutical company.

EREA is very active in Turkey, we are currently commissionning a RABS (Restricted Access Barrier Systems) to be installed oon a BOSCH filling machine already existing.



 The picture above a BOSCH filling machine under protection that will be covered with a new LAF (Laminar Air Flow) and RABS system from EREA.

For this project, EREA takes care of everything: we remove the existing laminar flow to proceed to the installation of the new RABS and of its new flow.



In two weeks, we will manage with the dismantling of the existing LAF and reassembly and qualify the new equipment.

Innovation is part of our daily life !


EREA presents a new isolator all stainless steel and fully autonomousNouvel isolateur

A 220V socket is sufficient for the connection of this isolator which will provide you with safety, and ease of use and maintenance.

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EREA at the Days A3P Barrier TechnologyLogo A3P TB2017

14 and 15 March 2017 in Pau (France), booth #10.

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Our latest commissioning of an EREA weighing stationPoste pesée

Protection of the powder handling zone by a vertical unidirectional flow.

This model has as its vocation the protection of the operator and the environment, it also allows to contain and to recover the volatile powders during the manipulations and thus to avoid the cross contamination.

A discharge in the local at the end of the station and a recovery in the lower part creates the vacuum in the weighing area and eliminates the risk of contamination outside the transfer zone.

Allows weighing under laminar flow with integrated display for weighing management.

The high technology by EREATechnologie EREA

A major pharmaceutical laboratory recently awarded EREA for the manufacturing of a unique isolator.
Dedicated to hormone production, this isolator allows the producer to handle weighing operations and integrates a specific cleaning system.

What was the challenge ?

■ Handling 10kg bags in a confined environment for an operator in not easy. The equipment configuration
has been in every point specifically designed to facilitate operations and improve ergonomy.
■ Because of the specificity of the products, the washing process requires fast temperature variations during
the injection phases (65°C to 10°C) of the cleaning cycle which create a thermal shock that equipment should be
able to withstand.

Technical solutions include:

> Door without deflection and threshold for easy bag transfer
> Direct reading screen, positionned in front of the operator, in the isolator
> Adjustable frame height to fit operator's size
> IP 68 scale compatible with the CIP process
> Pressure regulating system compatible with thermal shocks

For more information please contact:
Commercial Director
Direct line: +33 (0)3 22 84 70 31
Cell. +33 (0)6 72 14 87 95

EREA and SERAIL A3P international congress 2016Logo A3P 2016

Like every year, we will be present at the congress of 15 to 17 November 2016 at Biarritz (France).
With our partner SERAIL Freeze Drying Technology, we will discuss the themes defined this year:
industrialization processes/engineering, CMO and Tech Transfer, Audit and self-inspection,
Mastery of cross contamination and cleaning validation in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
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